So when I’m working on the dive boat I cannot always take my camera with me, due to the responsibility of looking after guests.


It’s hard for me to do anything without a camera, so I decided to pull the old GoPro out and will be diving from here on out with it. That way if I run into something outstanding I have a chance to freeze a glimpse of it. Which has actually already worked. The first day I decided to do this we had a swim by from a Black Tip Reef shark. I posted the picture on my Instagram, if you want to check it out (anchoredprod). It really does not do the encounter justice, but its better than nothing. =)


These shots are from the ever so famous dive site, Stingray City. Here divers have come for years for a chance to interact with the Southern Atlantic Stingrays that gather here for an easy feeding. No matter how many times I do this dive I still enjoy it, much like all dives. There is always a new experience to be had; sometimes we just have to go looking for it!